Mentoring Moments… 

The beginning of mentoring is seen in the book of Titus Ch 2&3, here we see Paul instructing Titus in the precious role of women mentoring younger women. Gods plan and purpose is that of relational connections, as we do life together within the body of Christ.

We are made in the image of God, created to be in constant connection and communications with Him and mankind. Doing life alone is not an option in Gods makeup of life and leadership. This makes me reflect on that of …




‘Women do better when we are sharpened by other women’.


When we can talk, debrief, laugh, cry, share stories and exchange encouragement over chocolate and coffee a true relational connection is formed in a mentoring way like seen in Titus. Talking is a big part of how us women connect, as well through listening and sharing in moments of relational connection.

True discipleship bonds are formed in which we become sharpened, like Iron sharpens Iron, so to when we gather together to share In deeper spiritual conversations we become encouraged, enabled and empowered through the Holy Spirit.



Proverbs 27:17  Iron is made sharp with iron, and one man is made sharp by a friend.

This is why in Titus CH 2&3 we are commanded to do life together as women.
* So who are you doing life together with?

* What connections are you forming today?

* What moments can you just grab a coffee with another women in ministry and share your life and leadership journey together?

Make time to practice this great calling and command we see in Titus CH 2&3


Mentoring Moments 

True mentoring comes from a place of serving. From our serving comes our leadership. What Does mentoring require? A heart that is completely surrendered to God through serving Him.
Today think of the mentors that have been in your life, and what qualities do you admire the most of them?