Resting in God Breaths Empowerment 

When we think of empowerment we think of extra extraordinary power that takes over everything, helping us conquer anything. Kinda like a super hero with powers that can do anything. 

I don’t know about you, but when I think of empowerment I think of the great heros of the bible who conquered amazing things for God. Hebrews 11 the great roll call of faith of those who did impacting things with the empowerment of the spirit of God. Sometimes I compare, see and feel where I am at with life and leadership and I kinda feel short of empowered at times. 

Reading psalm 23 made me see that David at times felt and saw inadequate, frail, fearful, rejection and sin in his life . The one core thing in reflection of David’s life and leadership was that he was a ‘man after Gods own heart’. A man that no matter what in situations and circumstances he always chased after Gods heart. A man who always knew that his empowerment came from the master creator of the universe. 

Psalm 23 is a reflection of a man realising that his empowerment comes from the Shepard. That from the power source he needs nothing. That it’s God who leads him to lush meadows beside quiets waters. In the stillness of God, he finds his breath to be sent out in the right directions. 

This is the empowerment… beside quiet waters and in stillness of God. 

Today as you reflect on life and leadership know that you don’t have to have super powers of empowerment that can do everything, but you can have the true empowerment of the spirit found that in the stillness of God that can conquer everything. 

Reflect on psalm 23, listen to the worship clip and see what the spirit wants to breath into you this day.  The very Breath that breaths life of empowerment to conquer everything in and through where Christs name. 

Glimmer in the dust // WATCH WORSHIP CLIP HERE

VERSE 1I was lost in a moment

A glimmer in time

Like a child chasing shadows

My back to the light

I was lost in a fog till

You caught my eye

Through the smoke and the mirrors

A glimmer of life

I know there’s a place I belong

Where I’ll see the fullness of love

A child face to face with my God Lost in

Your awesome wonder While I wait

I will not be afraid

My faith will remain all the same

My hope in the things not yet seen

Found in the greatest of these

I found love in a moment

Exploding in light

At the cross where the curtains

Were ripped from my eyes

I found heaven in pieces

In glimmer and dust

Broken glass in reflection

Till we shine like the sun

I know that You love me I know that

You love me Your love never fails

Your love never fails

When all’s said and done

All that matters is love

So let love take over

Not just in part

But in all that You are

You Let Your love take over