Empowerment In Promise & Power



Jesus… the master of empowerment in the New Testament through both natural and divine, we see In John 16:7-15 was empowering those that he lead for three years with a PROMISE.

A PROMISE to be empowered in their “Inner most being” (Ephesians 3:16) through the comforter/ Helper. Jesus knew that God had bigger plans and knew to the advantage of the disciples, it was best for him to go, and leave a PROMISE that would empower them and empower us today.

“ I shall go. So the helper will come.” Jesus knew that the helper, the “Holy Spirit” is what would empower their inner most being for all generations. The great role of the Holy Spirit was to be the comforter, helper, intercessor, Advocate, and Strengthener that will remain with them and us forever… What a promise! (John 14:16)

The role of the helper/comforter “Holy Spirit” is that of one that empower the inner most being with resources that is easily available. To those who believe in their hearts, confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord receive the Spirit the day of conversion.(Romans 10:9-10) When we have the Spirit activating within us, unlocking the unlimited resources available to us we live and lead a life totally surrendered and honouring unto God.

The Holy spirit that Jesus PROMISED was to help:

In making choices having the  indwelling Counselor

In Daily stress as the indwelling Comforter

In Difficult situations the Helper

In hurting relationships as the One who stands at God’s right hand as your Intercessor

In your Mistakes as the ultimate Advocate

when Life’s too heavy you can draw on your Strengthener

When you Just can’t go on to lean Standby

In your life do you live in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as your Counselor/ Helper? What would your life look like if we choose to live every moment in the power of the intercessor?

Its in the every moment of life that the empowerment is unlocked when we allow the holy spirit full access to our lives moment -by–moments.

Just like the PROMISE Jesus left the disciples, he leaves with us daily.

Jesus knew that through the complete authority of Holy Spirit, Gods PRESENCE will be the igniting of the empowerment these disciples needed to actively undertake and complete the great commission. The call of life to be witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea Samaria and to the ends of the earth, we see in John 16:7-15 Jesus commands his disciples to stay in Jerusalem to wait for the presence of God, and receive the POWER of the Helper.

The “POWER” of the Holy Spirit empowers the disciples inner most being to communicate the gospel with GREAT power bringing revival to the nations. As seen in Acts 2 Peter stands to his feet “Bold and Courageously” proclaiming the first sermon empowered by the Holy Spirit in the native language of all to hear. ( Acts 2:14-40) This spiritual power is the divine energy God expresses in and through them to carry out the great commission.

What can we take away from this?

  1. the promises of God are accessible for us today. Through his promises he empowers us with the divine power in our inner most being.
  2. The Holy Spirits role in us to be our : comforter, helper, intercessor, Advocate, and Strengthener that will remain with you forever.
  3. When we live with the Holy Spirit as our empower-er it will ignite the gospel message we share to our families, communities and to the mission field.
  4. It is His power through us that emboldens us and carries out the work. – Through the work we are called to do
  5. God will not place you into a position or ask you to accomplish a task for which He will not fully equip and enable you.

Today as you pray and reflect, consider the Spirit’s powerful resources available for you to live a life honoring to God, lead a life honoring to God. Just as Jesus leaves the disciples with a PROMISE of a helper, a PROMISE of the POWER of the Holy Spirit to help and activate the fulfillment of the great commission… He to PROMISES this to you today.

Be Empowered in your inner most being with the helper today, and know that its in the PROMISE and POWER of God that he has within you through the comforter/ helper.

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