Soul Connection Continued…

Continuing on from our last post, we see Jesus interaction with the lawyer. Jesus shows and states that “Relationship to God is what gives you life”. Your whole being and inner core is determined by your relationship and connection to God. As we live in a world which is all about “doing“, “actions” Jesus cuts to the core and states that it’s all about “connected “, “being” with God. As leaders this challenges us like the lawyer in how do we see and respond in our relationship with God. Jesus was onto something here, and we can pick it up and use this as a foundation within our life and leadership.
So why “Soul Connections“? In my life and leadership I find that when I get caught up in the “doing” and “actions” I miss the important stuff that lays below the surface which God wants to work on within my whole being Heart, Mind and Soul. As we face battles, leadership challenges, lsolation in ministry, this is where God is working deep below the surface to change us within our calling, character and mission.

Let’s break it down… Jesus wants to deal with our inner world, our core being of “who we are“.

1. Inner world (Core) is our soul being of “Who we are“, Heart, Mind and Soul

2. Outer world is our ministry and mission of “what we do“, ministry and mission
God is calling us to begin a journey to have our inner core exposed before Him to deeper disciple us within our:

1. Heart – Emotionally
2. Mind – Intellectually
3. Soul – Spiritually.

No part of ourselves is to be withheld from God. Pulling it all together this directs us individually to check out what is below the surface, discover the inner truths, see where we are disconnected from God, and to what our connection to God should be like. While discovering the inner person we to then need to act upon this within our outer actions of our love for others.

Lets Break it down the three core components Jesus was talking about…

Heart: Emotions

Loving God begins with a Heart decision to have faith and belief in God. Through the gift of salvation we receive the true gift of love and knowing God personally. When we accept His gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus, God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13; 1 Corinthians 6:19) and this dwells with us and our heart is transformed to produce the traits of God.( Galatians 5:22) God enables us to have our heart begin beating in love for him as he deserves. (1John 4:7)
God created us in the image of God with feelings and emotions.

“We are created by God to master life, and not that life should control us.You can read in Genesis that God gave Adam and Eve the right to rule over the earth and their own lives. We are created in God’s image. We were meant to be like Him; a reflection of his power, His love and his authority, and so on. That’s why God created us, to be like Him and in fellowship with Him. But you cannot be this if your emotions are in control of your life.” (Johannessen, T . 2001)

God created us to show emotions to show to each other and to God. Feelings on the inside that move you in a direction of actions. Gods desire is to have these emotions to move you towards Him and His word. He also wants to show his love towards you because through his love we know who we are, what is our purpose and our heart connection to God. God created emotions to be a gauge, not as a guide. We will continue to discover this throughout our journey.

Mind : Inelegance
Loving God continues within the mind. Jesus clearly states that if we are ever going to understand the greater kingdom of God our minds need to be constantly renewed. (Matthew 4:17) Paul picks this up in (Romans 12:2) and states that the big part of being transformed into the image of Christ than we are to renew our minds. The mind is often language and images that is like a movie scene which provides a connection to our heart and soul. So much of our life is within our headspace of our mind.
God created our minds to be the ceaseless communication with him, like our minds communicate to make our whole body function. Even when our body sleeps our mind stays alive and dreaming throughout the night.

“To love God with all our mind is a supernatural possibility. Though the mind is never meant to rule the heart it can be used to affectionately love the Lord. As our mind is renewed the Holy Spirit releases supernatural activity to love Jesus more” ( Simas, G. 2011)

Loving God is Reason, knowledge, memory and imagination. God created all these functions as his creative connection to man, and mans communication to God. We will continue to discover this throughout our journey.

Soul– spiritually.
Loving God with our soul is our whole being. This is every fibre and every consciousness.

“The soul literally is the part of us that defines who we are. The essence of the biblical definition for soul means life, personality, the inner self and our identity. It’s where we make our decisions and choices that ultimately decide our lifestyle and behaviour. Think of the soul as the “core you”. (Simas, G. 2011)

To love the Lord with all your soul means to love Him in the way we live, in the choices we make and in the behaviour and lifestyle we adopt. Soul choices, soul obedience, soul humility and attitudes are what God desires from our life. We will continue to discover this throughout our journey.

So how can we apply this to us?

God isn’t calling us to just follow Him, He is calling us to be living, breathing people who love God with their whole being.
1. Recognize that God desires our whole being Heart, Mind and Soul.
2. Recognize that what we put our affections to determines our devotion
3. Understand that our affections follow what we desire, and treasure
4. Aim to make Jesus your greatest desire and treasure with you whole core being.
5. Spend time with God loving him with your heart, mind and soul
6. Discover Gods love for you through the word of God to unlock the Love you have for him.
7. Start opening yourself up to the journey god has for you to change and transform to grow deeper daily.
8. Be with Him, He wants the “Soul Connection” and he wants to reveal Himself to you. Set time aside daily to be with him.

Application questions to journal with:
1. What do i make of all of this?
2. What do i feel God is saying to me?
3. What do i need to take from this?
4. What changes do i need to make?
5. How can i share this with my leadership team verbally and practically?